Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Big Boy Toys

Jeff has two new toys.  I love them both.  Actually I guess right now I have a love hate relationship with one of them.  The one goes potty in my house and chews my shoes, but he is adorable.
 Toy #1:  Our new side by side.  I love it because we can talk with each other as we go 4-wheeling
We actually got the street package on it so we can drive it around town, which we do often.
The kennel in the back is a clue to our other toy.
Toy # 2:  Our new dog Bo.  He is a German Wirehaired Pointer.
We picked him out a few weeks before he could come home with us.
As we got in the car Jeff turned to me and said "His name will be Blue"
I agreed because this is his toy.
The next day Jeff informed me that the name Blue was too long so he would be known as BO.
B-O not Beau--Bo
Bo, at 12 weeks, already hard at work to be a remarkable hunter!!
He was bred and is being raised to hunt.

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