Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bringing In The New Year

New Year--New You
Isn't that what it is supposed to be?  A time for change, renewal and resolutions.

Last night as we were doing the dismal act of putting away Christmas decorations, 
I snapped the lid on the last container with a sigh of relief.
To my dismay, I took one last look around the room and there hidden on the table 
was one last Christmas decoration.  
The bins were full and yet there it sat with no where to rest until I wanted it next season.

It immediately came to my mind what my resolution for next year would be.

There it is in four words.
I want my house purged of stuff this year.  I'm taking a few weeks or months or whatever time it takes and I'm going through every container, drawer, box, closet, pile and get rid of anything and everything I have that I don't have a definite need for at the time.
Anything I keep I'm hoping to have organized and in its specific place.
There is no reason to own all that I own.

As I'm doing this I want to Be More:
Be more knowledgeable about the scriptures
Be more close to my Savior
Be more forgiving
Be more compassionate and loving to others
Be more service oriented
Be more of a friend, mother, grandmother and especially wife.
Be more whatever the Lord has in mind for me.   

There it is--Four little words

Wish me luck

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