Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Lord's Will Versus Our Will

Recent events in the past couple of weeks have made me take time to ponder whether I really believe in accepting the Lord's will when it is different from mine or a close family member. 
I think I pass but when the chips are down it is something that needs to be analyzed.
Tyler and his cute little family had decided that this summer Ty was going to do a career change and work closer with the oil industry in North Dakota.  
He changed jobs, they gave up their apartment and Carly and the kids moved to Utah for the summer because he would be spending so much time traveling and working long hours with his new job.  They felt and I'm sure they prayerfully decided to do this.  They could save money from not having to pay the high cost of housing, Ty would make great money and then at the end of the summer they could possibly have a down payment to buy a house.  
That was their plan.
It was obviously not the Lord's plan.
Before we left for Lake Powell (Post coming soon) Tyler was diagnosed with a bladder infection.
He was struggling with it a little on our trip
 but it really flared to a kidney infection after we got home.
Long story short he was hospitalized with it when he returned to North Dakota.  
Carly flew up to be with him and I had the two girls here with us.
He wasn't responding to the IV Antibiotics and the infection seemed to be spreading so he ended up staying extra days in the hospital.
I remember laying by these two beautiful girls one night and praying.  
The thought kept going through my head that these girls needed their dad.  

I wanted Tyler to heal so much so he could fulfill his role as their dad.
Could I accept the Lord's will if His will was different from mine?
I had to truly search the inner recesses of my heart to find those answers.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine
own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5

Thankfully Ty began to respond to a third antibiotic and 5 days after being admitted to the hospital 
he was released.  
Only he would have to continue IV antibiotics 3 times a day for two more weeks 
and then once a day for another two weeks.
So much for his desires to work long hard hours, He couldn't work at all for 2 more weeks, in fact because of Lake Powell, hospital stay and home health care
 he wouldn't work the entire month of June.
When Ty and Carly left the hospital they didn't have a home to go to because remember their plan was to give that up so they went straight from the hospital to the airport to come back to Utah.
He was so sick when he got here.  Having an infection that severe truly takes everything out of you.  
He was in pain, exhausted and overwhelmed with the thoughts of doing IV's in his PIC line 
on his own.
It was so fun to watch Carly and Tyler learn and care for all of his medical needs.
Ty passes out at the sight of blood and Carly literally shivers and cringes at the thoughts of needles.
I was so impressed with how they stepped up to the plate and took charge of this situation.
No--not their plan for the summer, but they have accepted it 
and I'm sure learned so much from their experience.  
They have one another and fortunately now that Tyler is down to only one IV a day he has gone back in North Dakota to slowly work into his new job.
They are faithful, they will see this through.
Maybe large medical bills will be paid instead of a down payment on a house
but they have an eternal family that will still be together here for on earth for a long time.  
This was the day he left for North Dakota.
He was feeling so much better, I didn't think to take a picture of him before.
So thankful today for Ty and his improved health.  


  1. You are so sweet Bonnie. This summer has definitely been an adventure! ;-) I'm just so glad he is doing better! And thanks again for taking care of our cute girls. They sure love hanging out with their Grandma! It seems that life doesn't usually goes as planned, but it all works out in the end! =)

    1. Thanks for your good attitude. Things usually do work out even if it wasn't part of our plan

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I was needing this reminder today. Love you both!

    1. Love you too. Hope all is well with you guys. We are still waiting for a visit :)