Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"I Love To See the Temple"

"I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday
To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen and to pray.
For the temple is a house of God, A place of love and beauty.
I'll prepare myself while I am young:
This is my sacred duty."

The words to a familiar primary song that all my grandchildren sing often.
I wanted to make that happen when they announced the open house of the Ogden Utah Temple
Amazingly the open house was held when all 8 of our grandchildren were going to be in town 
so as soon as they became available I got the tickets for all of us.
Here is our cute family.  
Notice we look like a polygamist family because not one of the dads of the kids were in town, 
but the important part to me was getting the children to see 
and feel the importance of the temple.
It was absolutely beautiful.  
The night became a little crazy and overwhelming 
so I'm not sure the impact was what I had anticipated, 
but hopefully they will remember being there
and want to return when they are older.
The fountains and grounds are wonderful.
How precious are these little ones?

I will never be the grandma with the clean house or the fresh baked goodies.
I won't even be the one who spends lots of money buying them "Things".
BUT I will be the one who will help them experience this amazing world 
that we have been blessed to live in.
I want them to love animals, nature and the wonders of the earth.
Their talents and natural curiosities need to be developed and expressed.
 I want them to be exposed to cultural events and activities.
Their educational pursuits will always be encouraged by me.
Most importantly they need to be strong in their testimonies of who they are.
My job as a grandma is to help them KNOW that they are a Child of God.
I want them to Be Strong and Unwavering as they face this world each day.
That is my job as a Grandma.  


  1. You're the cutest grandma! Can my kids share you someday?!