Friday, May 30, 2014

A Quick Catch Up

I begin to procrastinate blogging when I get behind and so I'm going to do a quick catch up so I can begin blogging regularly again.
I do want this to be a family history record so I need to get most of the things we do recorded.  
The first of May Jessi, Amy and I went to Women's Conference.
I'm sure I have been over 20 times in the past and I still love it.
When I first started going with my friends from Logan there were only about 3000 women that attended.  Now there are about 13,000 attendees so the logistics are a little different
but the same incredible spirit is still there.
I want to get my girls in the habit of attending conferences like this because as moms we all need to fill our bucket so that we have something to give to our families.
Everyone needs spiritual nourishment but especially busy moms.  
Every year I am totally amazed at the women that have traveled from all over the United States and even other countries to attend.
The good works that that many united women in the gospel could accomplish is astounding.  

Jessi spotted these kittens at Petsmart the other day.  They were pretty cute because they looked like our old Patches that we had for so many years.  Jessi is willing to adopt any dog, cat or child.  Luckily for Stefan we did leave without it.  It wasn't easy convincing her.
I made a quick, really quick trip to North Dakota to see Lucy's dance recital.  I had heard so much about this teacher who came from the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia that I wanted to see it first hand.  
I do have an extreme love for great ballet and this didn't disappoint.  
His older dance students were incredible.  I hope they realize the opportunity that they have to study with him.  Why he chose North Dakota to teach is a mystery.
He even teaches the little kids dance classes which is extremely rare so Lucy and her friends are equally fortunate to take these classes.
The program was entitled A Storybook Ballet or something close to that
 and all the music was from familiar Disney classics.  
It was so fun to watch and be a part of it from the dress rehearsal to the performance.  
Lucy was so excited and she had incredible costumes.  
They all had over the top costumes for the performance.
There were several beautiful backdrops used throughout the night also.
It was quite the production.
Lucy was a monkey and danced to Curious George.
Her next number was "It's a Bug's Life" and she is the darling red caterpillar.
 Here she is in deep concentration before we left for the performance.  
She has her hair done and makeup on.
 The lobby and entrance were even decorated with incredible Disney cut outs.  
Clara loved those.
While I was there we did sneak in a quick trip to the Minot Zoo before the dance recital.
It was so fun.  
The girls loved the little merry go round and walking on the log wall as much as seeing the animals. 

I'm so glad I went I just wish I could of been there longer.   
 I flew home early Saturday morning so I could be there for Mother's Day
 and then early Monday morning we flew to Israel.  
More on that soon.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pick A Good One

This week is the last week I teach Early Morning Seminary for this year.
Obviously it was Monday morning and I'm getting a little too relaxed.
I arrived at the seminary building and got out my computer to set up for my powerpoint 
AND I had forgot the cord I needed to use the overhead projector.
I need to say, that this is the first time all year I have forgot anything.
So what do I do?

I call my dear husband at 6:10 am 
and ask him very sweetly if he would PLEASE bring it to me.
Of course he agreed.

When he arrived with it the class had started so I told all the kids
"When you get married, make sure you pick a good one."
"Look at what I picked --- this is what you want."
I got a GOOD one.  

After getting the powerpoint up and going, 
the class is continuing and we are discussing 
In walks that "Good One" again with donuts for everyone.
(TASTEE donuts even)
He is definitely the kids favorite now
and of course he has always been mine.
(They even left a double blueberry donut for me)