Monday, March 31, 2014

Grandma LaRae

Jeff's Mother, LaRae Crosland, passed away on March 14, 2014
She had been suffering with dementia for a long time and was almost always sad and afraid,
so it was an incredible blessing for her.
She passed away suddenly.  
She was residing in a care center and they had showered and dressed her, 
sat her down so they could make her bed.
When they turned around again she was gone.
Amazingly Jeff and I and his sister Kathy were together in a car 
traveling to Fillmore to an uncle's funeral when we received the phone call.
How ironic but how blessed Jeff and Kathy were to be together when they heard the news.
LaRae was a beautiful woman.  
She had incredible skin.  She obviously didn't abuse her face in the sun like most of us do.
Look how cute little Jeff is in this picture.  

Her funeral was wonderful.
Her oldest grandson, Jon spoke 
and her youngest granddaughter, Jessi gave the eulogy.
Jeff gave a talk on Believing that had most people in tears.  He is such a gifted speaker. 
Four of our little granddaughters sang "Families Can be Together Forever".  
It was so neat to have my boys participate in the Priesthood Ordinances.
Ben gave the family prayer and Tyler dedicated the grave.

When our family was all together a month ago, I wondered how long it would be
before all five of our children would be together again. 
We never dreamed it would be so soon and for this reason
but it was great to be together.
Families are wonderful and we are going to be together forever.
 We will miss her, but we know how excited she is be to be with her loved ones again.
It must of been a wonderful reunion for them.
How grateful I am for the Plan of Happiness and to know that this is not the end.
She is just beginning a new stage in her life, reunited with her husband, parents and brother.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

California Adventures

I wanted to post a few of my favorite pics from our California trip.  For Christmas this year we gave our children a trip to San Diego.  We included their entrance passes, Condo for 4 nights, and some money to spend while there.  Thankfully everyone made it!!  It was so fun to have all the grandkids together in one place.  They enjoyed each other so much, and this Grandma loved observing and participating with them.  
Ty and Carly decided to come a couple of days early and take their girls to Disneyland and of course we couldn't let them do it alone.  
I forgot how much I love Disneyland!!   
I will always be a child at heart.
Ben and Carrie have passes to Disneyland so Carrie and the kids joined us that afternoon.

Everyone else arrived on Friday and we headed out to Oceanside, which is near San Diego.  That is where our Condo was located.
This was the view from our rooms.  
Saturday morning we loaded up in our cars and headed to Sea World, another favorite place of mine.
The nieces and nephews all love their Uncle Kevin.

On Sunday we did church and then we hit the beach.  
Not an ideal day for the beach, but it was all we had.  We enjoyed the sun and the sand.  


After our fun in the sun, we walked out the pier and had dinner at Ruby's.
It might be a little overwhelming for all 19 of us to eat at a restaurant, but the food was great.

Monday was San Diego Zoo day.  I had never been there so it was fun to experience something new.  How exciting to have Koalas and Pandas in your zoo!!

Our last picture of all the kids before Tyler flew home.  

 What an incredible family we have.  We have been so blessed with our in-laws.  Each one has become an integral part of our family.  We love them like our own.  It's amazing how these little grandkids can enter your lives and immediately have a huge place in your heart.  How fun it is that we have so many to love!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Play Dough

I love playing with New Play-Doh when it is soft and pliable and because I'm a little OCD I love it when the colors are still the colors they were meant to be and not mixed.
My grandchildren love play-doh also and when we are playing together they always want me to make fun animals and objects.  
You know I'm really good at making worms and snakes.   
I can even create a bird nest with eggs.  
If I'm really pushed maybe a sitting bird with a beak sticking out.  (Of course all one color)
The  problem with this is that my son in law is a master with play-doh and he makes panda bears climbing bamboo stocks, with exact detail.  His creations could be sold on E-Bay for a huge profit. 
So most of my grandkids are never really excited to play this with me.

I have been pondering my life lately and sometimes I feel like I have made a worm or snake out of the life that my Heavenly Father has given me.  
Have I accomplished what I have been sent here to do?  
Is my Father In Heaven disappointed in what I have done, or is this what he expected?  
Have I been willing and pliable to let Him do with me what He planned?
I do have this hang up with colors of Play-doh being mixed, so have I unconsciously fought him when he has tried to make a masterpiece?
I need to Let Go and Let Him Guide my Life.  
He is the Master Builder
He knows what I have been sent here to do and accomplish.
He can turn this little worm (I hate snakes so I can't compare me to a snake) into a MasterPiece.
I feel him now mixing those colors.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Weekend

Jeff and I did a lot of living, laughing and loving this weekend.  
Another great benefit of being empty nesters!!
On Friday night we went with friends to the Brain Regan Concert.  
 I forgot to take pics so the tickets will have to suffice.  
I love that a lone man can stand on a stage in front of 12,000 people 
and keep them totally enthralled and laughing hysterically 
without using any racial slurs, sexual innuendos or crude bathroom humor.  
He is a master at what he does.  
 Of course we needed to get up Saturday morning and go to breakfast at my new favorite cafe
The Sunshine Cafe in North Salt Lake.
You've just got to love the name of the cafe, but the food is wonderful too.
Don't go if you are in a hurry.  It is an experience-- not an in and out quick meal.
The quality of the picture is not great, but I had to add it because if you look closely
Jeff is smiling.  It doesn't happen often in pictures.

After a little grandbaby holding during the day, we of course had to go to dinner again.
Eating on the weekends is a big chore, you know.  
Dinner at Park Stone with the daughter and her husband of some dear friends who are
serving diligently on a mission in Florida.  
This couple have a son who is going to now spend sometime with Jeff at the farm.
I am married to an amazing man!!
I love him more and more each day.
Sunday, besides attending church, was quite laid back.  
I hate to admit this,
But dinner was a frozen meal from Costco, which was amazingly not bad to eat.
Tough weekend.  
You've got to enjoy the moment while you can!!!
Not all weekends are this easy.