Friday, August 22, 2014

Wild and Wonderful Summer

All of the visiting grandchildren have returned home.  (Sigh)  Carly and the kids were here for the entire summer and Carrie and the kids came for a few days in August so many incredible memories were made.  We have had so many fun times but it's time for them to be with their own little families.

Because I have been a slacker I'm just going to do a photo dump of all the fun we have had.
One morning we went early to Farmington Pond to feed the ducks and geese.

 Blake and Callie did a zoo class.  Amy and I got to attend with them.

One day when Carrie was here we went to The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.
It was amazing and they even had activities for little Logan to do.
Their water activities definitely required special water gear. 
 A stage for our budding actresses.
You can experience all kinds of weather.  I think this was a tornado that they are involved with.
Notice that big girl in the back.  Jessi sure is fun to have with us!! She is one of the kids.
All of the Crosland girls.  What a great day.
You've got to go for lunch when we're all together

We did another zoo day with Lucy, Clara and Daisy
Pure joy riding the zoo train.
Of course we went to Aunt Cheryl's Cabin, or as the kids call her--Grandma Cheryl
 Riding in the side by side
 Bath Time for Logan

The 4th of July Celebration fell in the summer somewhere.
The Kaysville Parade
Waiting for  Kaysville Fireworks
The Adults need to be seen sometimes.

Swimming at Cherry Hill was almost a weekly activity.
One day we were gifted "King of the Hill" passes and we got to do bumper boats and the maze.
What a stud.
Logan is so patient as long as he has treats.
Maybe our goggles were on too tight.
 Love Love Love the Pool
Every time we are there it is a wonderful day in the sun
We got to celebrate together at Mackayla's Birthday Party.
Davis County Fair---Can't miss it
They love the petting zoo.
And the Carnival Rides.
 These two are the best little friends I have ever seen.  
No matter where we go they are together holding hands.
Not only cousins but Best Friends.

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  1. I can't believe it's over already! We had so much fun! Miss you already!