Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wisdom Montana

Jeff and I tend to do random things.  
Our little trip to Wisdom Montana was one of those random moments which became one of the greatest things we did this summer.
Since Jeff got our new dog, which is a "German Wirehaired Pointer" he has been studying all about the "versatile hunting dog".  I guess Bo classifies as one of those.
He found a dog handlers class to train these "versatile hunters" in Wisdom, Montana.
I had never heard of Wisdom, Montana and neither had Jeff, but google is wonderful in finding anywhere or anything.
Wisdom, Montana is advertised as the 
"Most Remote and Most Beautiful Place in the Lower 48 States".
That it is.
They do have a motel there but we couldn't rent a room unless we were coming for the wedding.
We're not sure what wedding but we didn't make the cut.
We got on our favorite website VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and found a little cabin for rent.
It was 20 miles out of Wisdom so we were even more remote and beautiful.
I now know why books and songs and poems are written about the amazing Montana Sky.
It is breathtaking!!
Jeff didn't love his class which was great with me 
because then I got to hang out with him one of the days he was supposed to be in class.
Our wonderful and dear friends Cheryl and Cal were in the middle of a road trip 
so they swung over to Wisdom and spent one of the nights with us.
The entire experience was what you would entitle Serendipity.
Wisdom, Montana was surprisingly incredible in every way.
 The first night we got there it had been raining and we were greeted to this incredible rainbow.
The road leading into our little home
The cutest little cabin in the "Big Hole Valley"
 There were little bird houses on several of the fence poles surrounding our cabin.
 I spent most of the days sitting on this porch overlooking the grand openness.
My honey brought me a little wildflower bouquet

I had heard of hay derricks but I did not realize what they were even like until this trip.
They actually use these still.  It was fascinating to watch. 
My two boys!!

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