Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lake Powell 2014: Survivor

Since I am so far behind on blogging I'm doing a quick post on Lake Powell.
It deserves so much more but you can check out my kids blogs for more pics and info.
Scroll down for Lake Powell.  I'm sure there is a way to get the exact one but I don't know how
Carly    Jessi

This year was a new and exciting year because everyone was there for at least part of the time.
I can't even remember when that happened before
Here are some of the highlights of the trip.
  • Luke and Amy chose the theme SURVIVOR and planned the activities.  I loved that because I didn't have to and they did a remarkable job, much better than I would of. 
  • We were divided into teams complete with BUFFS, Flags, Torches and trophy cups.
  • We had a different activity each day.  Relays were planned, water balloon shooting, an auction, puzzles to work out together, games and more more more.
  • I always request a talent show from the grandkids and they were each amazing as they dazzled us with their talents.
  • We brought our favorite Lake Powell Friend, Sandy with us to join in our fun and games
  • Our meals were awesome, with everyone helping and working together it's not a burden for anyone to feed 20 people each meal.
  • Our big boys are as fun to watch as our little grandkids.  Boys will be Boys!!
  • We brought paddle boards this year which was a first.  Obviously a big hit.
  • Not far from where we parked our houseboat there were some resident Beavers that were incredible to watch as they swam and slapped their tales.  An old huge patriarchal beaver would watch from his cover in the bushes.  He didn't seem to mind our kayaks and paddle boards as we quietly skimmed the water to see these animals.
  • There was also lots of fishing--some with little princess and super hero poles as well as some serious spear fishing.
  • We had remarkable weather until the last day.  We luckily pulled the houseboat in its spot as horrific winds picked up.  Tyler was picked to take our overloaded ski boat over in the white caps and load it at the dock.  Of course he did great.  That is usually my job so I was so thankful for a very capable son to take over my responsibility.
  • We stopped both ways in Hanksville for hamburgers and shakes at Stan's.  This is as much a tradition as the whole Lake Powell adventure is.  
  • Eight kids under seven is doable and fun at Lake Powell
  • The greatest part of the trip is getting everyone home safe and sound with many memories to last until next year.  
 The kids shooting water balloons.
 And these cans were their target.
The big kids shooting water balloons
And these cans were our target.
Our Auctioneer, Luke
The Love of My Life and the Captain of the BOAT.
Sandy, our adopted second grandma.
And more teamwork
The Crew, almost everyone that was there.  
Our awesome planners
The tiki torches signaled it was time for fun and games
One of our Relays
The Beaver Show
The view doesn't get better than this.  
This is a blurry picture but I had to add it.
I was sitting in the boat as these 7 munchkins were out tubing, laughing and so enjoying the moment.
I thought to myself as I watched them.
"OK, this is why we do it. This is why we go to this much work and spend this much money"
Lake Powell is a children's paradise and being with family and bonding with cousins is worth it all. 

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